Experience + Perspective

What does it take to revitalise portfolio properties in a sustainable way? To turn a plot into a successful property? To create buildings with long-term potential? To upgrade and secure a cityscape with a view to the future?

It’s quite simple: You need a partner with long-term experience and great know-how. A partner whose company has been in the family for more than 50 years, and whose outlook always also takes an entrepreneur's perspective as a result. A partner of long-standing tradition who cultivates a forward-looking approach; a partner with an eye to sustainability. A partner like FAY Projects GmbH.


Manuel Oltersdorf wird Senior Project Manager Hotel Expansion bei FAY Projects

Mannheim, 14. September 2020 – Manuel Oltersdorf (30) ist seit dem 1. September Senior Project Manager Hotel Expansion für die FAY Gruppe. FAY Projects plant weitere Hotelvorhaben, deren Entwicklung Oltersdorf maßgeblich vorantreiben soll. Ein Schwerpunkt seiner Tätigkeit ist die Identifikation und der Ankauf von für die Systemhotellerie geeigneten Grundstücken. (more…)