Upholding Values, Developing Projects.

The way we conduct our business is defined by values and convictions that go beyond the mere profitability of a given project. All property developments of FAY Projects GmbH satisfy high social, environmental, economic and efficiency standards. Rather than aiming for a one-time effect, our ambition is to have our buildings meet these quality criteria over many decades.
In fact, it is the individual that takes centre stage in everything we do. This goes for our clients and cooperation partners for whom we want to be reliable partners as much as for our employees whose loyalty, proactive commitment and accountability is the bedrock of our success.


Competence and focus, paired with passion and perfection are the signature features of FAY Projects. Having specialised in inner-city projects, we are perfectly familiar with the diverging interests of policy makers, local residents or public advocacy groups, and take a simultaneously sensitive and focused approach in order to reconcile them with the interests of our clients.


At the centre of every planning effort is the quality of our real estate. Every property we develop is an investment in the future. This objective, which places a premium on sustainability and intrinsic value, is achieved by choosing solutions that meet high social, environmental and economic standards.


Our aim is to create sustainable values. For us, sustainability implies a forward-looking sense of continuity. Indeed, keeping the requirements of present and future occupiers in mind has always been of key importance to FAY Projects.

Efficiency/Cost Effectiveness.

The sustainability principle also applies under economic aspects. In this context, we pay particular attention to the needs of our investors: Nothing satisfies both present and future investors like the long-term preservation of value.


FAY Projects has been active on the market for more than 50 years. Over the years, we have learned to regularly expand and review our spectrum of deliverables, to optimise our business organisation, and to bring you a broad range of property development products. All of these efforts consider and combine the production factors labour, capital, natural and social environment, as well as entrepreneurship. Our maxim in all of this: Doing the right thing.

Maintaining flat hierarchies.

Our projects benefit from particularly short lines of communication, and so do our employees. Flat hierarchies, quick decision-making processes, and close trust-based collaboration define our activities. Working as a team with clients, partners and co-workers thus becomes the key to our success.


The key aspect of our successful philosophy: We never strive to keep up with the latest fads. Rather, our company remains true to its basic principle of monitoring the real estate market and anticipating market trends and developments early on.


We develop our projects under the aspects of sustainability, we manage our employees under the aspects of sustainability with the benefit of many years of experience, a very low fluctuation rate and thus strong teams of experts as well as compliance as a matter of course.