FAY Projects GmbH is permanently looking for new real estate projects in Germany. We handle property developments either entirely on our own or together with selected project partners.

Property Development - locations / prerequisites


  • Focus on:
    Berlin, Dresden, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Cologne, Leipzig, Rhein-Neckar metro region, Munich, Stuttgart
  • Furthermore:
    unweakened, strong metro regions


  • Investment volumes of €10 up to €100 million max.
  • > €100 million in individual cases
  • Use: office, hotel, retail, residential, single-tenant or tenant mix

Project partnerships are also an option, depending on the investment volume.


Carl Fay, Managing Director
+49 (0)30 - 33 84 665 80


Do you have the necessary capacities, the know-how and the resources to cope with ambitious building projects of the use types office, retail, hotel or residential?

We are always looking for competent partners in the planning and building sector, and seek both prime contractors for package contracting and sole contractors for trade-specific jobs.


Ingo Lindner, Managing Director
+49 (0)621 39 174 444

Project Partners.

FAY Projects Group has developed and implemented quite a number of real estate projects over the past decades, including with selected partners. What matters more than size or financial clout is the underlying idea that collaborating in a partnership should be rewarding for either party. We commit our experience of decades in the business as well as our building, financial and structuring know-how into every partnership along with the financial strength and strong capital case of the FAY Projects Group.

Are you looking for a partnership in the real estate sector and possibly in the financing and structuring sector, too? If so, you should talk to us!


Wolfgang Heid, CEO
+49 (0)621 - 39 174 444