New Offices for Leipzig

Maximilianallee 1, Leipzig
Year built:2022-2024
Floor area:11,500 sqm (GFA a. g.)
Plot size:6,707 sqm
Principal:FAY Projekt Nr. 126 GmbH & Co. KG
Architect:GOLDBECK, Berlin

An office building with about 10,189 square metres of rental space is being built on the approximately 6,700 square metre site. A new building with up to six storeys and underground parking for up to 80 cars and 100 bicycles is being built. Around 40 e-charging stations for cars and 30 e-charging stations for bicycles are planned. The building will meet the KfW 55 standard. The construction project will be ESG-compliant and built using a system construction method. MITZSCH has already been awarded the Wired Score certificate in SILVER. DGNB certification in gold is being sought; completion is planned by the 3rd quarter of 2024.


This web cam shows you the ongoing progress of the development project. Click the icon to open a pop-up window with the latest image from the construction site. The image is automatically updated every 10 minutes.


Project Updates

29. November 2023
FAY Projects vermietet 4.283 Quadratmeter Bürofläche im MITZSCH in Leipzig

• WISAG Facility Service Holding mietet für zehn Jahre
• Vorvermietungsstand von 42 Prozent
• Für die nachhaltige Büroneubauentwicklung wird eine DGNB-Gold-Zertifizierung angestrebt
• Fertigstellung im dritten Quartal 2024 (more…)

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