Spandauer Ufer

Living and working in the new center of Spandau

Klosterstraße / Ruhlebener Straße, Berlin-Spandau
Use:Hotel, retail, office, educational institution, residential, medical center, gastronomy, fitness
Year built:2021-2024
Floor area:about 70,000 sqm
Plot size:14,000 sqm
Principal:Spandauer Ufer GmbH & Co. KG
Architect:ASTOC Architects and Planners GmbH, Köln
Joint Venture Partner:merz objektbau GmbH & Co. KG

The former fallow between Klosterstraße, Ruhlebener Straße and river Havel is to be breathed new urban life by 2023. An attractive neighborhood, diverse, flexible and stimulating should arise. Living in the future, lingering and working between Spandau’s Old Town and the Havel bank. Three buildings of 40, 60 and 80 metres are planned. The current concept provides for two hotels about around 16,700 sqm, retail areas of about 6,800 sqm and gastronomy of around 2,000 sqm. Offices, medical center, residential for young people, families and barrier-free housing are provided, as well as fitness.






Rent was

Vacant spaces

Total lettable area:

Store 2 (Retail)67.51 sqm
Store 3 (Retail)840.68 qm
Store 4 (Retail)780.67 sqm
Store 5 (Retail)1,840.12 sqm
Flats 2nd floor430.69 sqm
Flats 3rd floor814.01 sqm
Flats 4th floor818.75 sqm
Flats 5th floor821.02 sqm
Flats 6th floor430.69 sqm
Flats 7th floor430.69 sqm
Flats 8th floor430.69 sqm
Flats 9th floor430.69 sqm
Flats 10th floor430.69 sqm
Gastro 1558.35 sqm
Gastro 2479.96 sqm
Gastro 3510.67 sqm
Medical center 2nd floor745.59 sqm
Medical center 3rd floor451.21 sqm
Medical center 4th floor451.21 sqm
Medical center 5th floor451.21 sqm
Office 4th floor1,565.63 sqm
Office 5th floor1,565.81 sqm
Office 6th floor1,016.12 sqm
Office 7th floor769.44 sqm
Office 8th floor769.26 sqm
Office 9th floor769.29 sqm
Office 10th floor769.29 sqm
Office 11th floor769.29 sqm
Office 12th floor769.29 sqm
Office 13th floor769.29 sqm
Office 14th floor769.29 sqm
Office 15th floor769.29 sqm
Office 16th floor769.21 sqm
Office 17th floor769.30 sqm
Office 18th floor610.61 sqm
Office 19th floor520.39 sqm
Office 20th floor520.49 sqm

Contact Person

Manuel Oltersdorf

Senior Project Manager
+49 30 33 84 665 80

Floor Plans

Floor plans coming soon.