connected offices @ gatelands

Kienberger Allee, Berlin
Year built:2019-2021
Floor area:14,300 sqm
Plot size:4,739 sqm
Principal:FAY Projekt Nr. 123 GmbH & Co. KG
Architect:GOLDBECK, Berlin

In the business park Gatelands Kienberg the new office building FLEXGATE is being built on 4,739 square meters. Between BER and SXF and perfectly connected by motorway and public transport, the location enjoys an ideal infrastructure. On 14,300 square meters of flexible office rental space, a clear, modern concept is being created on seven storeys. Shape, function and sustainability, flexibly expandable areas to single, combination, open-space offices, rest-, creative- or community areas – everything is possible in the new FLEXGATE.


Broschure: FLEXGATE – connected offices @ gatelands






Rent was

Vacant spaces

Office 1 ground floor604.84 sqm
Office (conference room)424.23 sqm
Office 3 ground floor515.61 sqm
Office 4 ground floor265.59 sqm
Office 1 1st floor607.59 sqm
Office 2 1st floor423.64 sqm
Office 3 1st floor544.30 sqm
Office 4 1st floor320.45 sqm
Office 1 2nd floor663.88 sqm
Office 2 2nd floor599.35 sqm
Office 3 2nd floor544.36 sqm
Office 4 2nd floor320.33 sqm
Office 1 3rd floor663.89 sqm
Office 2 3rd floor599.34 sqm
Office 3 3rd floor544.36 sqm
Office 4 3rd floor320.34 sqm
Office 1 4th floor663.89 sqm
Office 2 4th floor599.34 sqm
Office 3 4th floor544.36 sqm
Office 1 6th floor457.34 sqm plus 178.12 sqm terrace
Office 2 6th floor573.00 sqm plus 20.81 sqm terrace
Office 3 6th floor388.53 sqm plus 69.95 sqm terrace
Office 4 6th floor341.92 sqm 37.74 sqm terrace

Contact Person

Manuel Oltersdorf
Senior Project Manager
+49 30 33 84 665 80