Aparthotel Adagio

Blaubach, Cologne
Use:3-star apartment hotel
Year built:2012
Floor area:5,785 sqm
Plot size:829 sqm
Investment volume:€13.5m
Principal:FAY Projektentwicklungs - GmbH
Architect:Bieling Architekten, Kassel

This, the third hotel in Germany belonging to the Aparthotel Adagio chain formed by Accord and Piere & Vacances Center Parcs, is part of the recently raised Quartier am Waidmarkt, and features six storeys with a total floor area of 5,800 square metres. The building breaks down into 115 apartments and 21 underground car park slots. The “Apartment am Waidmarkt” will be certified with a Silver rating under the DGNB green building standard. “Quartier am Waidmarkt” was the first urban quarter in Germany to be pre-certified with a Silver rating and was finally certified with the GOLD rating.